ICO & Token Development

What’s better than an ICO to raise funds for the new project? ICO is gaining exponential popularity based on the fact that many medium to large scale organisations have raised hundreds of thousands of US dollars by Initial coin offering.

We are an esteemed ICO and token development company. Our expert and dedicated team enable organisations to raise capital through crowdfunding for their business. Owning to over 5 years of experience, our team provides token creation, deployment on Ethereum 20 and also makes sure that an excellent marketing strategy is in place for a successful project. Right from the design phase to complete deployment our team assist you in structuring and implementation of Initial Coin Offering.

We provide ICO bounty token management services as well. Bounty programs have become an essential marketing strategy for the success of ICO, as it helps a great deal in spreading word of mouth advertising. It is a great way to penetrate the market effectively with minimum effort on the organisations part. It also helps in forming trust among the masses in the organisation.

After ICO creation we fix you up with the complete digital marketing. Our digital marketing experts make sure your ICO is marketed well across all the major channels such as Facebook, Google advertising etc. In fact, there are more important websites to target the right audience for ICO distribution.

We also support your ICO marketing by community management on various platforms such as Slack, Reddit, Bitcoin talk forum etc. It adds to the engagement of masses present on these platforms.

Apart from digital marketing we also provide complete legal consulting on ICO.

ICOs Key Features

The following are the key features of an ICO

  • Capped Contracts
  • Mintable Tokens
  • Multisig Contracts
  • Time Vault Contracts

We can help you research the current market status which is extremely dynamic to figure out how much you should invest in your ICO.

Initial Coin Offerings are not regulated. Teams that offer new cryptocurrencies, in exchange for an established cryptocurrency such as Bitcoin or Ether, typically structure their offer so that the new coin simply gives you the right to use the coins to purchase a future product or service.

Yes, our team will provide you with a well-crafted landing page with ease of navigation.We further simplify fund administration by proving an administrative panel enabling you to track the sources of funds.

How can we help you?

Contact our support team if you need help or have questions.

We approached Toshblocks with an existing PoC, wanting to get their expert opinion. Not only did they outlined the lacking elements, but also devised a better one for us helping us leverage blockchain to the fullest.You guys are doing a great job. Keep up the good work.

Embrace the power crowdfunding through ICO