InvestFeedPilot to Production


Our client Investfeed offers a crypto social network. They required to convert their social network for share market to the social network for the crypto market. They reached out to Toshblocks for an urgent need to set up the whole platform for them.


Toshblocks served Investfeed with full-fledged blockchain deployment. In the initial phase, Toshblocks team understood the Investfeed’s requirements and prepared a white paper from scratch. Our team crafted the detailed token economics for investfeed. Taking care of each and every detail our team designed and implemented economic systems based on blockchain technology. Our expert developed smart contracts and devised test cases on smart contracts for Investfeed along with developing the security for smart contracts.

We also created e-wallet for Investfeed. Toshblocks took care of end to end token sale turning it into a huge success. Investfeed raised a humongous amount of 1500 Ethers from crowdfunding. In the second phase, Toshblocks helped investfeed to deploy the IFT token-based payment and subscription model.


Invest feed team is very happy with the outcome. The project met with instant success and still running successfully. Invest feed now offers a crypto social network successfully.

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