Our client Javvy required ICO services to raise funds through crowdfunding.


After the initial phase of conceptualising and providing proof of concept, we provided Javvy with an end-to-end service to launch their token. Our team created a white paper audit and developed smart contracts for PoC. We also provided Javvy with wallet setup and for fund monitoring, our team provided a custom admin panel where details of all the funds coming in can be monitored. Toshblocks team devised a marketing strategy for Javvy as well for ensuring the success of crowdfunding and deeper market penetration. Our designers crafted a landing page for the ICO that resulted in enhanced customer base. We also listed the token created on multiple exchanges. All these services lead to a successful Initial coin offering.


All the efforts on behalf of Toshblocks team got rewarded by the success of  ICO leading to raising of huge funds for Javvy.

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