Lalaworld intended to create a LALA Tokens for their blockchain based digital, the decentralised financial ecosystem for various applications.


Toshblocks helped Lalaworld with LALA Token & it’s crowdsale contract development for raising fund for their company to further build its various verticals such as Lala transfer, Lala card, Lala bill pay service and Lala lends. Our team created design & features for their tokens & crowdsale model. Our team implemented the source code as per requirements with security inbuilt in their codebase. Multiple Test cases were formulated and tested for the seamless operations.


Lalaworld is now successfully providing a group of services such as Lala Transfer- a global remittance service, Lala Card- synced with your wallet and acceptable in numerous places globally, Lala Bill pay service- enabling users to pay their utility bills for local and international payments and Lala Lends- lending money to individuals and small businesses.

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