Services Offered by Toshblocks

Smart Contract Development for ICOs

Get your Manageable, Feature rich, Optimized as well as Secure Token & Crowdsale contracts developed from the highly experienced developers in the world. We have developed & executed more than 10 ICOs worldwide who together raised more than 100,000 ETH worldwide. For enquire contact us here

Smart Contract Development for PoCs

Get your business use cases or PoC based smart contracts developed to ensure your business performance, security & cost improved using Distributed Ledger Technology. We can build any kind of complex smart contract by guiding you what is possible & what is not in smart contracts. For enquire contact us here

Web App & Mobile App Integration with Blockchain

Sometimes smart contracts or Blockchain needs to be integrated with the Blockchain via RESTful JSON/XML APIs. We offer the development services for creating the RESTful APIs on top of existing Blockchain applications to integrate it with your existing web or mobile applications. For enquire contact us here

Independent Smart Contract Security Audit

Security is very important while dealing with smart contracts which handle tons of money. We offer Security Audit services to ensure your smart contracts are highly safe & ready to handle contributors fund. For enquire contact us here

Consulting on ICO Planning & Structuring

Having executed multiple ICOs on multiple domains we have enough knowledge about what is good & what is not for the ICOs. We can help you answer some of the questions you are not even aware of regarding ICOs. We can help you in Token feature planning, pricing structuring volume structuring, token locking, burning, minting & management related features. Features you have never even heard of. For enquire contact us here.

Blockchain App Architecting & Designing

We can help you design your Blockchain Applications from scratch by architecting it in the right way while considering features, security & performance. We can design the DApp with a scalable backed service running on AWS or any other cloud. For enquire contact us here

Security Auditor Support as Developer

We do offer support for the Security Auditor as a developer. Even if the smart contract is not been developed by us. Auditors need a quick turn around time to execute the audit fast and we can provide that with our experience easily. For enquire contact us here

Blockchain In-house Training for Developer

Sometimes your developers need some training to work on your project internally. We can help you by training your developers & help them understand how the Ethereum, MultiChain & other Blockchain technologies work. Training modules can vary from topic to topics & can be customized. For enquire contact us here

Blockchain In-house Training for Executives

We can help your senior executive understand the whole Blockchain concept to enable them to take a better decision in their business. Our this service is mostly targeted to CEO, CTO, COO or any other CXO or one level junior profile. For enquire contact us here

Blockchain PoC Validation

We can validate your Blockchain PoC & help you decide if it has been structured & planned right. We can give you our report on the most of the PoC aspects as an expert. For enquire contact us here

Exchange Listing for Tokens

All tokens or coins produced during the ICOs need to be listed on exchanges. We can help you structure your application and can get your token listed on expedited manner. For enquire contact us here

ICO Bounty Token Management

All ICOs need to have a bounty tokens to work done through a crowd force by paying some tokens to them. This work can be ANN thread language conversion, forum member signature to promote ICOs, Whitepaper in multiple languages etc. This part needs to be managed properly to distribute the tokens to the people who have worked for you. We can help you manage the bounty program properly for you. For enquire contact us here

Paid & Free PR+Article Publishing for ICOs

Paid articles & announcements can (on multiple key websites) get you some good traffic resulting in higher contribution in your ICO. Reaching out to these websites is not as easy as other websites. We can help you reach the right point of contact through us. For enquire contact us here

Paid Ads Management for ICOs

You don’t need FB & Google ads for the ICOs. There are very specific websites where the ICO contributors roam. We can help you target those websites & help you invest the right amount to get the most out of your ICOs. For enquire contact us here

Digital Marketing Management for ICOs

You don’t need FB & Google ads for the ICOs. Google advertisements and social media campaigns are only the beginning; there are very specific websites where many ICO contributors roam. We can help you target those specific websites & help you invest the right amount to get the most out of your marketing budget. For enquire contact us here

ICO Community Management (Slack, BitcoinTalk Forum, Reddit etc.)

You need to effectively manage the communities on key platforms to attain better engagement across several channels. For enquire contact us here

ICO legal Consulting

We do offer legal consulting around ICOs & other digital assets through our legal partners. For enquire contact us here

Venture Support

Venture groups in the blockchain industry receive hundreds of submissions every day and it can be difficult to stand out from the crowd. We have a global capital partner network and can fast-track your companies to be put in front of the right people. For enquire contact us here

Advisory Team + Enterprise Partnerships

Having key blockchain industry insiders on your company’s advisory team and large enterprise partners who are ready to adopt your token are extremely important for a successful raise. We can connect your team with global blockchain experts and your first enterprise partnerships to provide your first real-world case studies. For enquire contact us here