Technology requires a long-term vision along with quick adaptability. Toshblocks cross-sector expertise has helped technology companies to compete and excel in dynamic industries. Toshblocks consulting assesses your needs, to device the best technology strategy, and provide a roadmap. Toshblocks aims at uncovering the best business technology solutions that can address the current challenges and remodel the organizations with a futuristic vision. We are a world-class enterprise delivery and next-gen technology consulting provider that continues to benefit enterprises through years of expertise.

Big Data Analytics

Big data analytics solutions can provide crucial insights to organizations regarding customer behavior

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Data Science

Data science solutions extract meaning and interpret data, using both tools and methods from statistics and machine learning.

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Cybersecurity solutions protect and recover networks, devices, and programs from any cyber attack.

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Chatbots offer huge operational costs cut down along with offering progressive avenues for marketing and sales.

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Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality is revolutionalizing the way product modeling, designing, and prototyping was done previously.

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Augmented Reality

AR can be leveraged to provide breakthrough solutions for optimizing current processes.

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Alexa Skills

Toshblocks provide Alexa skill development. Alexa for business is a service that enables

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Internet of Things‎ (IoT)

IoT ensures the security, connectivity and the efficient use of the resources. IoT based solutions can be applied

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Machine learning (ML)

Machine Learning is proving to be a boon for businesses today. Machine Learning solutions

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Artificial intelligence (AI)

Artificial Intelligence holds the key to solving a range of business problems. Artificial Intelligence presents excellent

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Blockchain Technology

Blockchain is a cutting-edge technology having the potential to transform processes to enhance their growth potential.

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