How to Setup & Work With Hyperledger Fabric Blockchain

I am excited to announce the two new courses on IBM’s Hyperledger Fabric. What is it? An open source technology for secure & permissioned enterprise Blockchain with many powerful features which are extremely useful for any large size corporations. Why must you attend these courses? Because this is the another most talked about technology in enterprise space which heavy corporate support & control. It doest not need mining for consensus and makes it perfect for corporate internal & external use cases. Courses: 1) The Basics of Hyperledger Fabric Here I will teach you all the basics of Hyperledger Fabric for you to understand it from the scratch. So if you do not have knowledge about it then this will the best course for you. I have used very simple language & explain what exactly Hyperledger is. Sign up here 2) Working with Hyperledger Fan IBM Blubric iemix Here I will show you how to setup a Hyperledger Fabric Blockchain and interact with it. We will deploy the sample/demo smart contract and then we will interact with it. Sign up here If you want to explore other things as well then check out my other related courses on Ethereum Development below: # Learn Blockchain Basics # Blockchain Glossary # Blockchain FAQs # Learn Solidity: Programming Language of Smart Contracts # Ethereum Developer: Create Your Own Cryptocurrency in Blockchain # How to Build Crowd Sale Application (ICO) in Ethereum Blockchain # Introduction to Initial Coin Offering aka ICO # MultiChain: How to Setup Private Bitcoin-based Blockchain # Build Blockchain Application: Proof-of-Existence # Learn Ethereum Blockchain & Smart Contracts in 1-Hour # Learn BaaS (Blockchain-as-a-Service) by Microsoft Azure # Setting up Private Ethereum Blockchain in Microsoft Azure # Setting up Private Ethereum Blockchain in AWS # Understand Largest Ethereum Blockchain Hacking The DAO Hack    

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