Etheriya approached Toshblocks to build a decentralised freelance marketplace enabling anyone to order or offer services such as graphic designing, IT services, video creation and many more. The challenge was to devise a blockchain based platform that enables people to order or offer services they wish, with fast and secure transactions using Ethereum 2.0 token.


Initially, Toshblocks started by providing a proof of concept. Once agreed, our experts began working on the design and development of self-executing coded business contracts enabling processes to be automated. Various test cases were written and executed for the application. Toshblocks built private blockchain for this particular freelance marketplace application resulting in saving on infrastructure and operational costs for Etheriya. Our team also created a customised e-wallet for the application.



Etheria has now become a popular freelance marketplace owning to the excellent features such as security, instant transactions along with ease of use from both ends.

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We approached Toshblocks with an existing PoC, wanting to get their expert opinion. Not only did they outlined the lacking elements, but also devised a better one for us helping us leverage blockchain to the fullest.You guys are doing a great job. Keep up the good work.

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