Polymath required a blockchain based network for representation of assets such as real estate, bonds, shares etc. into cryptocurrency. The project was one of a kind and very innovative. The biggest challenge was that we were the first ones to deploy blockchain based solution for such an innovative application.


Toshblocks team brainstormed the ideas and conceptualised the details of such a blockchain network that enables securities or assets to shift on blockchain network. Securities such as private equity, stocks, bonds, real estate can be represented by tokens and can be worth trillions of dollars in crypto capital. Toshblocks conceptualised how the securities can be tokenised and developed proof of concept for the same.

Polymath liked and agreed with the  PoC presented and requested to deploy blockchain network at the earliest. Our experts worked on various elements to deploy a blockchain based application such as creating smart contracts leading to the development of various test cases of smart contract and security for the smart contract. Our expert team conceptualised and implemented blockchain that resulted in a robust system to tokenise assets.


Polymath is successfully doing business with the secure, robust and economic blockchain based application developed by Toshblocks.

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